Citibank was trying to make $7.8M in interest payments. It sent $900M instead. Internet is banging with recent Citibank payment error caused by bad UX, which cost $500M. The product is compelling and has a lot of features that many banks across the globe use.

However, everyone wondered whether why the process allowed mistakes of such magnitude to happen in the first place. Another question is why poorly designed? Was the operator not trained to use the product? No processes to check the transaction? The confusing UI of financial software led the bank to accidentally pay back the principal on…

The future of User Experience

Predicting the future of User Experience

It’s a little hard to predict the future of UX but I am curious to think about remembering the entire experience had from childhood. UX is going to be the most important element for today & the future for better living. As a designer in this fast-phased world, continuous learning is very essential to be relevant and sometimes we should unlearn to relearn skills to be more efficient designers. Designers need to look beyond the product design and explore other fields like psychology, marketing, engineering, hardware, art, history, architecture, or others. This helps to apply UX design principles, design thinking…

Ranjeet Tayi

Passionate product designer, player-coach, and UX leader focused on building AI-powered cloud systems that empower GOOD DATA that drives GOOD DESIGN & BUSINESS.

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